Jamaican teenager Millicent Small (her reported date of birth varies from 1942 to
1948) made local successes as half of a duo called 'Roy And Millie' - the other half was
Roy Panton. She also recorded as half of 'Owen & Millie' (with Owen Gray) and 'Jackie
& Millie' (with Jackie Edwards). In late 1963 Chris Blackwell discovered her and
brought her to England. Her recording of 'My Boy Lollipop', cut in London by a group of
session musicians that included guitarist Ernest Ranglin (and, according to some
accounts, Rod Stewart on harmonica) and featuring her childlike, extremely
high-pitched vocals, was the first (and indeed, one of the few) international ska hits. It
remains one of the biggest-selling reggae or ska discs of all time with more than six
million sales.

Despite the great success of the record, it did not set a new musical style in people's
awareness. 'My Boy Lollipop' was simply regarded by most record buyers at the time
as an item of delightful, but lightweight, 'pop'. Although Millie had a couple of further
minor hits, she never managed to consolidate her famous smash.

In 1970, Millie recorded a song in the Spanish language.

Mi Chiquitito/Time Will Tell, Fontana (A Trojan Recording) 60 64 023 (1970)