After a stay in South Africa, Biluska returned to the Netherlands, where she became a
popular girl singer in the 1960's. However, the tunes 'Aniva?' and 'Jikele Maweni' were
only released in Belgium. Both tunes were recorded in Brussels in 1969 with a mix of
Western and African musicians. Some parts of 'Aniva?' have a strong bluebeat rhythm.
It seemed like it was to become a hit. Even a clip was shot, with Ilonka in a leopard
catsuit. It never appeared on TV, because just after the release there was a months
long strike on Belgian radio and television and that brought an end to this project. The
record disappeared into the vaults of music history. Biluska had to wear a wig on the
sleeve, she was originally blond. The photo was shot to make her look like a black girl.

Selective discography
Ilanga (Ilonka Biluska), 'Aniva?/Jikele Maweni', Decca 95/23.921X (Belgium) (1969)