In terms of the popularity of ska and reggae, the Netherlands did not differ much from
other Western European continental countries. That popularity was not really great in
the 1960's. However, there was a black community living in the Netherlands, mainly
coming from the overseas territories of Surinam (that became independent in 1975)
and the Netherlands Antilles. Artists form Surinamese and Antillean descent put some
interesting ska songs on record.

Just like elsewhere, Desmond Dekker, Dave and Ansel Colins, etc., scored hits in the
Netherlands. 'Israelites' (1969) and 'Double Barrel' (1971) even reached number one in
the Dutch charts. Prince Buster also scored a hit. The ska instrumental 'Dance
Cleopatra Dance' reached the twelfth position in 1972, five years after the song was
released in Great Britain! An album of the same name was released, but is very hard
to find these days, especially for collectors outside the Netherlands and Belgium. That
album sounds very similar to the album
On Tour from 1967, but then without 'audience
participation'. Single and album were released on the Blue Elephant label, one that
frequently released black music in the Netherlands.

Dutch artists
Alberto en zijn Ska Boys
Ilonka Biluska
Oscar Harris
Rita Hovink
Marjolein And The Swingcopators
Johnny De Miranda And His Ska Group
Willem O.P. Schepper
Willie Wilson And The Down Beats

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